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Gongago: Free Review! We fix tax returns; come in for a free review & we'll help you find 2 or 3 ways to get $1,000!

Expert IRS Audit/Tax Debt Representation

IRS Tax/Debt Problems (Business & Personal)
Offer-In-Compromise Negotiations
IRS Audit Consultations & Representation
Free Tax Return Reviews
IRS Tax Lien/Levy or garnishment removal, &
Penalty Abatement.
Come in for a free review of your IRS Audit or Collections Notice, we'll show you your options and give you a list of the things you need to do to resolve your case. We'll also provide quotes based on the level of assistance you would like.

Affordable Income Tax Return Preparation

Don't be lazy! If the over-priced, rookie tax preparers @ the local H&R Block or Liberty were any good they'd get a job with a real tax office instead of a corporate chop shop. The thoroughness, review process, & IRS Enrolled Agents help ensure more deductions, more credits & less risk. You won't be in & out as fast, and you'll have to drive a few extra miles, but it's worth it!
Extended Tax Season Hours
Reduce Your Audit Risk
Discover More Deductions & Credits
Better Tax Planning
Free Review of Prior Returns
Incorporation Assistance
On Staff Bookkeeper & Paralegal
Lawyer & Financial Planner Available
You get all the benefits of getting your income taxes done with a tax lawyer, without paying more than what the inexperienced, minimum-wage, tax school rookies at H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt or Liberty charge.


Unlike most CPAs & Tax Attorneys John L. McCready, Enrolled Agent is a Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner because of proven expertise in tax law & IRS representation. Specialties Include: IRS Audits, Retirement Plans, Investment Real Estate Rentals, Small Business (LLC, Corporation or Partnership), Foreign Earned Income, Canceled Debt, & More.

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Accepts Credit Cards:
  • Yes
Wifi Available:
  • Yes
Contact Information
5011 Argosy #1, Huntington Beach 92649
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  1. If you want a more thorough tax preparer with a higher level of IRS/Tax Law expertise, then this is the best place in Orange County to get your taxes done.

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